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Baby wipes, Wet wipes. Medical compresses.Automotive.Furniture industry. Cleaning floors. kitchen, Toilets.

We offer European Non-Woven products in perfect condition and ready for export.

Serial number: 6001

Nonwoven product material:  White apertured, hydro entangled, Spunlace Nonwoven

Fiber contents: Approx. 67% viscose and 33% polyester

Fabric weight: Approx. from 30 to 100 gsm

Roll width: Various

Diameter: Max and up to 1400 mm

Core: 76 mm

Applications: Medical compresses, wipes and wet-wipes                                            

Serial number: 6002

Nonwoven product material: White very soft Spunlace Nonwoven       

Fiber contents: Viscose and polyester

Types:Various embossings

Tabric weight:Various grammages

Roll width:Various


Core:76 mm

Applications:Wipes, baby wipes, wet wipes

Serial number: 6003

Nonwoven product material: white very soft Spunlace Nonwoven, latex and binder free

Fiber contents:100% viscose

Fabric weight:various grammages

Roll widths:various widths


Core:76 mm

Applications:wipes and wet wipes

Serial number: 6004

Nonwoven product material: 

white very soft Spunlace Nonwoven, latex and binder free

Fiber contents: viscose polyester

Fabric weight: variou grammages

Roll widths: various grammages

Diameter:100 – 150 cm

Core: 150 mm

Applications: wipes – wet wipes

Serial number: 6005

Nonwoven product material: white, very soft apertured spunlace nonwoven, highly absorbent, durable, resistant to most solvents, re-usable and disposable

Fiber contents: viscose & Polyester, binderfree

Fabric weight: from 30 up to 85 grams

Structure: various apertured structures

Applications: universal wiping, extremely good for polishing in automotive, furniture, computer industry and trade

Serial number: 6006

Nonwoven product material: colored apertured spunlace nonwoven, tack cloth absorbent,resistant to most solvents, durable, re-usable and disposable

Fibre contents: viscose & Polyester & additives

Fabric weight:from 40 up to 100 grams

Roll width:from 180 till 1700 mm

Structure:Various apertured structures applications:specialLy for automotive sector, but also for other applications where tack cloth is needed

Serial number: 6007

Nonwoven product material: white highly absorbent Airlaid paper, latex bonded

Composition: 100% Cellulose & Latex binder

Fabric weight:  15 up to 80 gsm

Roll width: various widths

Diameter: various diameters

Core: 70-71 and 76 mm (sometimes 152 mm)

Applications: wet-wipes, wipes, table cloth, traymats, etc.

Serial number: 6008

Nonwoven product material: (mostly orange) colored apertured spunlace Non-woven,absorbent, resistant to most solvents, durable, re-usable,disposable

Fiber contents: viscose, a few percentage of polyester and occasionally chemical binder

Fabric weight:50 – 80 gsm

Structure:small holes

Applications:all heavy wiping


Serial number: 6009


Common use: Material is used for wet tissue and hygiene products.

Material: Polyester / Viscose

Width: 4 to 5 meters – Cuts width 15 cm and 40 cm

GSM: 35 g/m² to 75 g/m²

Availability: 8 truckload per month

Origin: European

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